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Critical SEO Services

seo-managedSearch engine optimization is a refined blend of multiple tactics that converge to gradually improve your website’s position in the organic listings. Some SEO services have a larger influence on your site’s positioning than others. For example, an analysis of your site’s architecture is important to ensure spiders can locate, fetch and parse all pages easily. Competitive analysis should be performed to identify key players within your space who control your target positions in the organic listings.

On-page and off-page SEO services are both vital. On-page tactics include optimized tags, streamlined code, internal linking structure, and copywriting laced with thematic keywords. Off-page tactics focus upon inbound links from a wide range of thematically-related sites.

By using a comprehensive SEO audit to identify high-priority areas in which to take action, your company can move forward with confidence. The audit will highlight SEO services that deserve immediate attention. While leapfrogging over your competition begins with optimizing your site’s architecture, it is only the beginning to dominate your chosen keywords.

Sara Rankin is an author for Triangle Direct Media, a new media marketing firm offering a variety of SEO services including SEO audit analysis. The firm also provides social media marketing, business blogging and other online marketing services.